Book Reviews

A terrific book, Living Yes is a program full of wisdom that allows readers to live authentically and embrace whatever life circumstances they are currently facing. Mark Morris's personal and clinical wisdom come through loud and clear in his witty and accessible writing. Living Yes is a must-read for anyone striving for personal growth and quality of life.
~ Amy Wenzel, PhD, Psychologist and Author of Strategic Decision Making in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Instead of psycho-babble, cliff notes, or simplistic pep talks, Living Yes gives solid and relevant skills that can help you feel better – if you put in the effort. It is a rare book in this regard.
~ Michael Tofani, MD, Psychiatrist

Mark Morris clearly reveals the keys taught to mental health practitioners. By Living Yes as Mark describes, nearly anyone can use these ideas to feel more happy and alive.
~ Ronald E. Marks, PhD, Dean, Tulane University School of Social Work

In Living Yes, Mark Morris offers a blueprint to a happier and more meaningful life. As a doctor for over 30 years, I notice that at least a quarter of my patients are suffering from emotional distress which causes symptoms and hinders care.  Living Yes is clear, enlightened, empowering, and to the core. If all my patients would read this book, I would have more time to put down my prescription pad and pick up my fishing pole.
~ Richard D. Kagen, MD, Primary Care Physician


Living yes students in their own words.
My son and I have settled down. I don’t blow things up more than they are. Living yes has taught me how to better handle both my panic and anxiety attacks and understand them and not fear them. I have accepted that my family structure has changed and that I have no control over it. I can get out of bed in the morning and want to. I’ve been able to access more people. Learned I can’t control what’s not in my power. Found it’s not always me who’s right.

I used to get angry with organizations, blame myself for all my failures, not express myself to others. I now know I have tools to help calm me, feel good about myself, take life with a positive attitude.

I was told I was gonna lose my leg to diabetes and I accepted it with no reaction, thanks to living yes. I didn’t even lose sleep over it. That never would have happened before.

I’ve learned to control anger better than I did in the past. I’ve learned to be more patient. I go on “talking strikes” and listen more thoroughly. Not give advice. It’s helped me learn how others feel.

I have talks with my spouse more easily now. My understanding of me is better. I know now that life will bring road blocks.

Living yes let me know that life is going to go on whether you like it or not. At one time I could not face the future and people in everyday life. Now that I have found out what no and yes mean in everyday life, I don’t get as mad as before.

I am now able to accept life as it is and not what I want it to be. I’m more willing to listen more to others, less angry with myself, not to force the issues in life.

I have more peace because I’m not controlling everything. I relate to people better. I have learned to deal with my rage. I used to be angry every day, but now I’m angry 3 to 4 times a month. I can sit and listen to my wife most of the time without getting angry, where in the past. I would get angry all the time. I used to worry a lot, but not anymore. I’ve learned to listen to what is being said before answering. I’m more level headed than before. I don’t allow what people say to upset me. I try not to be as judgmental as I once was. I’ve learned not to let word or gesture upset me. Once you can control your anxiety, it’s easy to do. I used to hear people attacking me even if they weren’t. That was my perception, so I was always on guard. Living yes gives you peace after a while. The key is the process. It’s hard to adapt to the process, but it’s not hard to do once you allow yourself to do it, but it’s the right way.

I used to feel really alone and all over the place with my feelings. I didn’t know how to deal with things. I didn’t realize that I controlled myself only, no one else. I’ve figured out how to connect. I found out that I am worthy of love and respect. My feelings are valuable. It’s O.K. to be who I am.

At one time I was afraid of the world, could not speak up, could not go out without a drink or pill. All of that was a no. Now I see my life totally differently living yes. I got back in my church and also attend school. My wife thinks I am a new changed man. I am pleased with myself.

I realize that life is not perfect. I now realize that life can be good if you let it. In the past I felt there was no hope, now I know different. Having an open mind and heart is the start of being healed. I have moved from isolation.

Living yes has helped me to better communicate my point of view when addressing family, to open up and listen to others’ views instead of thinking my way was/is the only way. Living yes has helped me to not take what other people say so seriously. Living yes has helped me to move from the futon where I spent 6 plus hours. Living yes has helped me to open up more. Living yes has helped me grow into a much better father, brother, son and mentor. Living yes has taught me to be more open to love and embrace new beginnings. Living yes has taught me not to be so serious all the time, but to embrace what life sends your way and be happy. Living yes has taught me that you hold the keys to unlocking unfound success. Simply go forward and just do it. Go get what you want out of life.

I now realize that I can talk myself into doing things. I used to be shut in and now I go out. I have learned not to worry about things I can’t control. I no longer get angry about what people ask or say to me. I used to have a panic attack every time I got in a car and now it happens sparingly. I am more confident with dealing with people.

I used to handle problems believing I had only one option, and that was to give up, blame myself, and accept the hurt as consequences of my shortcomings. Now I have learned to accept mine and others’ faults, and let life’s lessons grow me, instead of shrink me. I used to believe that I didn’t deserve to be happy because of the bad things I did in the past. Now I understand that some of the bad things I did, I did because I didn’t know how to be happy. Now I do, and I deserve to be happy.

I used to think I was ugly, but now I think I’m beautiful.