Living Yes

with Mark Morris, LCSW

What is Living Yes?

Living Yes is a way to choose clarity and joy at any moment.
Events occur in life which challenge us to say "yes" or "no." Living Yes is an ongoing choice.
Living Yes is a handbook which helps us clear our minds, so we may say "yes" in a healthy and connecting way.
The result of Living Yes is a peaceful mind and a fulfilling life.
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The book. LIVING YES, A HANDBOOK FOR BEING HUMAN, is now available on Amazon!!!
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MY INTENTION IN WRITING Living Yes, a Handbook for Being Human is to offer knowledge to people who are interested in learning transformational techniques. Living Yes is a broad, cognitive-based, self-help tool for a mass market. Using an accessible visual style and some unique processes, I draw on knowledge gained over the past twenty years as a More to Life student (, addictions counselor, war veterans social worker, certified CBT therapist, and my spiritual practice. The book is dedicated to my mentor and More to Life Co-Founder Brad Brown, and I hope he smiles down on my effort. Thank you. ~ Mark

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About Mark Morris Morris, LCSW


Mark Morris, LCSW, has done his best to live and evolve his personal understanding of Living Yes as a psychotherapist.  He is certified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) by the Academy of Cognitive Therapy.  He has led CBT groups, a Living Yes group, and meditation groups.  He was a professor for fourteen years, and for the eleven years before that, he was a filmmaker.  He has offered substance abuse counseling in a residential 12-step program, provided psychotherapy to anxious and depressed war veterans and Katrina survivors at the Department of Veterans Affairs, and currently helps many individuals and couples in his private practice in New Orleans.

Mark completed the More to Life weekend in 1995 and studied for eight years with Dr. K. Bradford Brown, who introduced him to the concept of Living Yes.  Mark has conducted a Living Yes group since 2009.  From those diverse and courageous participants, he has watched how these concepts have been absorbed and applied.  Mark attempts to couple his varied professional experiences with his own personal experiences to offer his vision of how to say “Yes” to life.  He hopes you will join him in this ongoing process.

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