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Amirh Voice is excited to announce the publication of Living Yes, a Handbook for Being Human by Mark Morris, MFA, MSW. This amazing and accessible text is now available on

Living Yes, a Handbook for Being Human is narrative non-fiction (self-help) which challenges each of us to understand how life is summoning us based on the choices we are making. We may remain stuck in our resistance, or we may choose to “Live Yes.” More about the Living Yes book and future plans may be found at

Living Yes is a way to choose clarity and joy at any moment. Events occur in life which challenge us to say "yes" or "no." Living Yes is an ongoing choice.
Living Yes, a Handbook for Being Human will help us clear our minds, so we may say "yes" in a healthy and connecting way. The result of Living Yes is a peaceful mind and a fulfilling life.

It may seem audacious to write a handbook for being human, but isn’t that what all of us are seeking every day? When Dr. Benjamin Spock offered moms a handbook to help them raise their children with kindness in 1946, it cause a sea-change. Just as Spock encouraged us to adapt to our individual children,
Living Yes offers a system to learn from the individual lessons that life is offering us.

Living Yes is a broad, cognitive-based, self-help tool that offers transformational techniques to a general audience. In Living Yes, the reader embarks on an easy to engage system of principles based on Mark’s training and experience with cognitive theory, addictions, and mindfulness meditation.  The accessible visual design is easy to digest with short chunks, plain language, space on the page, charts, exercises, and cartoons.

Published Spring 2015 by Amirh Voice, the process of creating
Living Yes has taken six years of testing, four years of writing, and one year of design.

Also available is the
FREE Living Yes Workbook which contains 8 1/2 x 11 inch worksheets with page numbers which correspond to the book. This free download also comes with a FREE page of Emotions and a FREE handout Five Affirmations for Living Yes at Work.

In addition to being a book and workbook, Living Yes is a
personal practice and a series of planned seminars.

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Mark Morris, LCSW
Diplomate, Academy of Cognitive Therapy
Living Yes, A Handbook for Being Human
7815 Maple St.
New Orleans, La., USA

MY INTENTION IN WRITING Living Yes, a Handbook for Being Human is to offer knowledge to anyone interested in learning transformational techniques. Using an eighth grade vocabulary, I created an approach full of easy-to-understand explanations and paired that with demanding psychological processes and challenging questions. The book is dedicated to my mentor and More to Life ( Co-Founder Brad Brown, and I hope he smiles down on my effort. Thank you. ~ Mark

Further Information:
Click on the principles to gain an insight into what Living Yes looks like.
Read this story to see an example of Living Yes.
Take the
no test to see whether you may want to learn if Living Yes would help you.
Read an
overview of the Living Yes book.
Read the
first pages of the Living Yes book.
Look at the
contents of the Living Yes book.
Read the Living Yes book
praise of Living Yes from professionals and students.
See an outline about the Living Yes
Learn more about Mark's private
psychotherapy practice.
Inspirational Thought of the Day (No need to visit Twitter or Facebook) Mark's
tweets are available.

Living Yes, a Handbook for Being Human
Available on Amazon, To visit the Living Yes page on CLICK HERE!
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Product Details:
  • Paperback: 194 pages
  • Publisher: Amirh Voice (March 21, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0692340262
  • ISBN-13: 978-0692340264
  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.4 x 9 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 12.5 ounces
Book Description:
What if a book could teach you how to be a fully realized human in two words? In Living Yes, a Handbook for Being Human, you will learn insights and actions that will help you tell the truth with courage, relieve the burden of having to fake it, ease your anger, reduce your stress, accept yourself and your world, be imperfect, find clarity in unsure decisions, set boundaries, claim emotional freedom, slow your racing thoughts, let go of harsh judgments, stop self-loathing, replace destructive behaviors, rise above the illusion of being alone, discover sacred joy and peace, and much more...

10. Living Yes provides the opportunity to choose joy at any moment.
9. Living Yes uses easy-to-read, user-friendly language.
8. Living Yes is filled with charts, lists, progress questions, simple exercises, and entertaining cartoons.
7. Living Yes is written by a practicing psychotherapist.
6. Living Yes is more than faking positivity.
5. Living Yes shares timeless, practical knowledge that you wish someone had told you long ago.
4. Living Yes overflows with ideas that are obvious once you understand them.
3. Living Yes takes the secrets of therapy and makes them accessible to anybody.
2. Living Yes offers a way to be at peace in our troubled world.
1. Living Yes is a powerful choice anyone can make at any time.

Living Yes will help anyone who is willing to discover what it means to be human. Many people experience life without understanding what being human means. The result is that they live on the defensive. They avoid discomfort at all costs, find themselves numbed by their challenges, and have no fun whatsoever. These folks are frozen by habit, awash in sadness, stuck in judgment and blame, trapped by anxiety and fear, swamped by anger, and undone by lies in their head, believing themselves to be worthless, weak, or stupid. They find themselves alone and unable to connect. Some people are more fortunate. They feel the presence of love, have identified some insight, and recognize their own progress; however they are still stuck. They have not discovered a singular method to recognize how the lessons of Life are designed nor how to learn them. They are confused because life remains a mystery.

If Living Yes were a medication, it would be both a pain reliever and a vitamin. By using this book, you will be able to lift yourself from emotional pain at any time while growing mentally stronger.

The easy-to-read text, charts, graphics, progress questions, cartoons, and exercises will help you learn how anxiety, anger, and sadness may be relieved by reducing expectations and learning acceptance.

Instead of struggling with relationships, you will learn how to set boundaries and choose assertiveness.

You will understand how you never need to feel lonely or overwhelmed by fear or despair.

You will learn how to examine your thinking and challenge your deepest “core lies.”

You will discover how to tap-in to your compassion, vulnerability, and strength.

In Living Yes, the challenge is: How do you identify the “no” moments which separate you, so that you may choose “yes” moments which reconnect you to others, yourself, and the very universe in which you live? When you are ready for action, you will no longer be a victim of your fateful circumstances and will use the tools to create a plan based on your true destiny.

Once Living Yes is mastered, you will no longer need to struggle to prove, avoid, or judge. You will be able to slow down. Becoming quiet and intentional, you will breathe and move peacefully, be comfortable with your power, while enhancing your pleasure, love, and joy. You will move past your pain to a place where you will choose to be fulfilled. You will know how to Live Yes.

From the Author (book excerpt):


If I gave you ten million dollars to dive into freezing glacier water, would you? What if I offered you ten million dollars to read this book carefully, do all the exercises, and then Live Yes to the best of your ability? Would you? What if I sweetened the offer by adding a satisfying job, a loving relationship, the ability to choose fun freely, and freedom from being overwhelmed by painful emotions? Would you jump in? Now, what if by reading this book you could gain the freedom to not desire the ten million dollars, but you could still create everything else? Would you still read it and go for Living Yes? If so, dive in and get ready to make a splash! 

From the Inside Flap (book excerpt):



"A terrific book, Living Yes is a program full of wisdom that allows readers to live authentically and embrace whatever life circumstances they are currently facing. Mark Morris's personal and clinical wisdom come through loud and clear in his witty and accessible writing. Living Yes is a must-read for anyone striving for personal growth and quality of life."

~Amy Wenzel, PhD, Psychologist and Author of Strategic Decision Making in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

"Instead of psycho-babble, cliff notes, or simplistic pep talks, Living Yes gives solid and relevant skills that can help you feel better - if you put in the effort. It is a rare book in this regard."

~Michael Tofani, MD, Psychiatrist

"Mark Morris clearly reveals the keys taught to mental health practitioners. By Living Yes as Mark describes, nearly anyone can use these ideas to feel more happy and alive."

~Ronald E. Marks, PhD, Dean, Tulane University School of Social Work

"In Living Yes, Mark Morris offers a blueprint to a happier and more meaningful life. As a doctor for more than 30 years, I notice that at least a quarter of my patients are suffering from emotional distress which causes symptoms and hinders care. Living Yes is clear, enlightened, and empowering to the core. If all my patients would read this book, I would have more time to put down my prescription pad and pick up my fishing pole."

~Richard D. Kagen, MD, Primary Care Physician

What students of the Living Yes program have to say.)

"My son and I have settled down. I want to get out of bed in the morning. Learned I can't control what's not in my power."
"I was told I was gonna lose my leg to diabetes and I accepted it with no reaction, thanks to Living Yes. I didn't even lose sleep over it. That never would have happened before."
"Before Living Yes, I used to feel really alone and all over the place with my feelings. I didn't realize that I am worthy of love and respect. It's OK to be who I am."
"I used to think I was ugly, but now I think I'm beautiful."
"I used to get angry with organizations, blame myself for all my failures, not express myself to others. I now know I have tools to help calm me, feel good about myself, take life with a positive attitude."
"I was afraid of the world, could not speak up, could not go out without a drink or pill. Now I see my life totally differently now that I'm Living Yes. I got back in my church and also attend school. My wife thinks I am a new changed man."
"Living Yes has helped me grow into a much better father, brother, son and mentor. Living Yes has taught me to be more open to love and embrace new beginnings."
"I have more peace because I'm not controlling everything. I relate to people better. I used to be angry every day, but now I can sit and listen to my wife most of the time without getting angry." 

About the Author (book excerpt):
Mark Morris continues to live and evolve his personal understanding of Living Yes as a psychotherapist. Mark is certified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) by the Academy of Cognitive Therapy. Mark has led CBT groups, Living Yes groups, and meditation groups. Before that he was a professor for fourteen years, and for the eleven years before that, he was a filmmaker. Mark has offered substance abuse counseling in a residential 12-step program, provided psycho- therapy to anxious and depressed war veterans and Katrina survivors at the Department of Veterans Affairs, and currently helps many individuals and couples in his private practice in New Orleans. Mark holds two post-graduate degrees and was a mastery student with Brad Brown for eight years. Mark has conducted a Living Yes group since 2009. From these diverse and courageous participants, Mark has watched how these concepts have been absorbed and applied. On these pages, Mark has coupled his varied professional experiences with his own personal experiences to offer his vision of how to say "Yes" to Life. Mark hopes you will join this ongoing process. Find out more about Mark and Living Yes, A Handbook for Being Human at

General Biography of Mark Morris:
Since 2010, Mark Morris, LCSW has been a psychotherapist in private practice.
From 2008 to 2013, Mark worked as a therapist at the New Orleans Dept. of Veterans Affairs.
From 2006 to 2008, Mark provided counseling services at Bridge House, a residential substance abuse treatment facility in New Orleans.
In 2006, Mark also worked for New Horizons, a substance abuse program and with Arch Bishop Philip Hannan at FOCUS, a Catholic broadcasting outreach organization.
From 2002-2005, while at the Tulane School of Social Work, Mark interned at DePaul Hospital, Catholic Charities, and St. Charles Public Schools.
More about Mark’s private practice may be found at

Mark holds two Masters degrees:
2005 M.S.W. from the School of Social Work at Tulane University
1986 M.F.A. from the School of Cinema-Television at the University of Southern California
1978 A.B. with Honors from Brown University

Mark taught “Anxiety and Depression” at the Tulane School of Social Work.
Mark taught graduate and undergraduate courses in filmmaking for 14 years, including at the University of New Orleans.
An award winning filmmaker, Mark worked as an actor, writer, director, and in physical production in New York and Los Angeles for 14 years.
Several of Mark’s films are currently being distributed in the educational markets.
More about Mark’s films may be found below and at

In his private practice, Mark conducts individual, couples and group therapy focusing on depression, anxiety, substance abuse, anger, grief, and money.  Mark was the first Louisiana-certified Diplomate in the Academy of Cognitive Therapy. He draws on his broad background to use many therapeutic modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EMDR, Advanced Integrative Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Psychodynamics, Object Relations, More to Life, Mindfulness meditation techniques, and his own life experiences with “Living Yes.”

Mark Morris, Awards and Prizes:
Bertha Wolbreth Feitel Memorial Foundation Scholarship, Tulane School of Social Work, 2004
Official Selection, The Back Room, Flicker Film Festival, New Orleans, 2004
Official Selection,
Sunday Biscuits, Lake Placid Film Forum, 2003
Award of Merit (Top Prize),
The Sadhu, University Film and Video Association, 2002
Official Selection,
The Sadhu, New Orleans Film Festival, 2002
Official Selection,
The Back Room, Melbourne International Film Festival, 2002
Official Selection,
The Sadhu, Rhode Island International Film Festival, Providence, RI, 2002
Official Selection,
Surrender!, Best of Louisiana Shorts Festivals 1989-2001, 2002
Official Selection,
Cow, Dallas Video Festival, Dallas, Tx., 2002
Official Selection, Cow, Arizona State Art Museum, Tempe, Az., 2002
Official Selection, Cow, Sarah Lawrence College XFest, Bronxville, NY, 2002
Silver Lily, (Second Place, Open Section) and Official Selection,
The Back Room, Guernsey Lily Film Festival, 2001
Official Selection,
The Back Room, Philadelphia Independent Film and Video Festival, Philadelphia, Pa., 2001
Official Selection, Surrender! 12th Annual New Orleans Video Access Center Shorts Festival, 2000
Silver Award and Official Selection, Face to Face, NOVAC Shorts Festival, 2000
Second Place (Visual Art Professional Category),
Pinnacle, Profiles of Success Competition, 1996
Innovations Award Nominee, Pellissippi State, 1994 ("Clowns in Cinema" course)
Warner Communications Scholar, 1983-1984
Cum Laude, Nichols School of Buffalo, 1974
Butzer Award for Community Service, 1974
Who's Who Among American High School Students, 1974
New York State Regents Scholar, 1974

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About Amirh Voice:
Amirh Voice is the publishing wing of Lux and Jose Atascadero, long term agents and film producers. Amirh Voice supports creators whose ideas must be heard and who are effective presenters. Living Yes, a Handbook for Being Human by Mark Morris, MFA, MSW represents the mastery of ideas that align with the unfathomable power of Amirh Voice.
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